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One-stop shop for GIS, data & mapping solutions

Mapmechanics has over 25 years experience of providing map based solutions, delivering tangible business benefits to our customers.

Mapmechanics is the one stop shop for GIS software, GIS map data and GIS applications (including site location and drive time analysis to optimisation products for sales territory management or routing and scheduling).

This site offers products authored by Mapmechanics together with GIS map data and software from leading originators around the globe, ensuring users always have the best solution for their particular needs.

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GIS Mapping software

Image of map analysed with GIS software

Map your data. Analyse customer distribution & market penetration, find opportunities & calculate drive times More about GIS software»

Digital Map Data for GIS or databases

Digital Map Data

Postcode points, digital boundaries, population data, business locations, road & street maps, UK & the World. More about GIS data»

Territory Management Software

Image of map divided up by Territory Management Software

Optimise allocation of workloads. Create efficient money saving territories for sales people or depots. More about territories»

Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Software

Image of truck routed by vehicle routing and scheduling software

Multi-drop, multi-depot solutions to lower costs (10-30%), save time (40-50%) and improve customer service More about route optimisation»