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Map Data

Map Data

World-wide digital data for GIS, Business Intelligence and other systems. All the data you need, from detailed mobile phone population analytics and public transport time table information to postcode boundaries, road maps and geocoders.

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View, query, analyse, and interpret your data to calculate journey-time catchments, manage territories, identify patterns and spot trends. Geographical Information Systems will help you reduce costs and identify revenue generating opportunities.

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Routing and Scheduling Software

Routing and Scheduling

Optimise multi-drop, multi-depot or bulk movement route planning with solutions that can drive cost reductions of 10-30%, cut planning time by 40-50%, while simultaneously improving customer service. Increase the efficiency of collections, deliveries & service visits with optimised route planning.

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Territory Management

Territory Management

Optimise allocation of workloads to areas and territories, balance sales potential, product volumes or customer values in each catchment. Take into account capacity, distance and drive times. Mapmechanics can provide the software, data and training, or do it for you as a consultancy project.

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One-stop shop for GIS, BI data, mapping & location based solutions

MAPMECHANICS has been using map-based data to simplify complex business decisions for over 25 years.

MAPMECHANICS provides world leading digital mapping solutions including:

  • The most comprehensive selection of map data in the world
  • Market leading GIS, logistics and optimisation software
  • Trusted, expert staff to guide clients through buying, implementing and working with location based solutions

Our geosolutions team extract and collate data to create meaningful business information for use in a host of location based solutions. Our developers and consultants create tailored solutions to help our customers improve business efficiency and our off the shelf solutions provide software and data to integrate with in-house systems such as business intelligence, ERP and TMS.

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