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About the company

Who we are

Mapmechanics provides map based technologies that help companies cut costs and increase revenues while still offering excellent customer service.

Map based technologies include:

  • Spatial data formatted especially for major business intelligence tools such as Oracle and Tableau
  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems) such as Geoconcept
  • Digital mapping for all types of GIS (e.g. ArcView and MapInfo)
  • Sales and marketing applications (e.g. site location analysis, market penetration mapping, sales territory management)
  • Logistics planning solutions such as territory optimisation or routing and scheduling.

Mapmechanics provides solutions that help companies

  • Decide where to install facilities such as ATM’s
  • Organise franchises to ensure balanced allocation of opportunities to franchisees
  • Efficiently plan collect and deliver operations
  • Visualise and analyse market penetration
  • Operate a field based services such as books to schools or on site maintenance programs
  • Profile and segment customers
  • Track people and asset locations 
  • Identify new sales opportunities

Indeed we can enhance any business process that has a geographic component.

Our history

The company began as Kingswood Ltd in 1987 and became known for expertise in map based solutions. Increasingly customers have referred to us as “The Mapmechanics” and now the company name reflects this acknowledged area of competence.

We have developed distributor and reseller relationships across the globe to enable us to offer “best of breed solutions” to our customers. We help organisations identify the best solution for their specific application together with consultancy, bespoke development, training and technical support as required.

Mapmechanics was the distributor of MicroAnalytics products for many years. In 2010, we acquired all rights to the Truckstops routing and scheduling solutions and Optisite, the supply chain distribution network optimisation software. The product range is now developed in house and we have released several new versions with enhancements for logistics users.

In 2012 we launched our specialised data website which helps user find the right data product from a catalogue of thousands of worldwide digital maps and other spatial data. www.allmapdata.com is designed for business customers, providing detailed information about products, their uses and available formats.

What we do

We own leading optimisation software brands, including Truckstops routing and scheduling and Optisite distribution planning and site location modelling. Find out more about our logistics solutions at www.truckstopsrouting.com

Mapmechanics is also the UK distributor for the Geoconcept geographic information systems (GIS) software. And we have incorporated this core technology in our own product: Geoxploit, the easy-to-use, off-the-shelf map-analysis package designed for the busy business professional. Find out more about Geoxploit and other solutions for market analysis, territory management, and thematic mapping.

The comprehensive Mapmechanics data catalogue is the largest printed catalogue of spatial data for GIS, BI and logistics applications. Data ranges from maps with detailed speed and navigational attribute information (such as bridge heights, banned turns etc), to hourly population counts derived from mobile phone usage to detailed public transport timetable information embedding in an app that helps users create catchments and routes base don walking, using buses and trains etc. Learn more at: www.allmapdata.com.

Our Partners

Our partners include suppliers of complementary technologies such as tracking systems, and originators of geographic data such as national mapping agencies and major brands such as Ordnance Survey, AA, Royal Mail, NAVTEQ, Andes, Leaddog, GfK, Dun & Bradstreet, Blue Sheep, Acxiom and others. Link to our Partners.

If you would like to know more, or you are a company that would like to make use of our geographical and logistics planning knowledge and experience – contact us.

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