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Demonstration and workshops

Need to understand how mapping analysis, routing or territory optimisation can help your organisation? We can show you how using mapping technology can help save you time and money while helping you to improve your customer service, employee satisfaction and company efficiency.

Personal demonstration

Contact us to organise a personal demonstration. Our sales consultants can demonstrate how the software can work for your particular scenario via the web. Just call to arrange a mutually convenient time and log into a live demonstration. Ask questions during the presentation and explore how systems can be configured to meet your needs.

Workshop with your data

Logisitics map analysis catchments

We want to be sure you will be satisfied and the products will help you achieve your KPI’s. So for some solutions a further detailed workshop can be very helpful. We’ll talk to you in detail to find out more about your operation and what you need to achieve. When we are confident it is something we can help with, we will send you an example template so you can see what type of information you’ll need for the analysis. Then send us some sample data and we’ll run the data through our systems. We can then have a day together to discuss and tweak settings to reflect the way you want to work, before moving to full configuration during implementation.

Contact us to arrange your personal demonstration today.

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