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Mapmechanics Newsletter

Published twice a year, Mapmechanics News describes the latest developments and products in digital map data, GIS, routing and scheduling, territory management and depot network management.

Case studies featuring users across the globe give detailed insights into how organisations have used map based solutions to boost efficiency, increase revenue, cut costs, improve customer service and provide more intuitive management information.

To access the latest edition online and subscribe to receive the latest and future copies by email and post, simply fill in the form on this page.

What types of things are in the latest edition?

Example Case studies:

  • using GIS enhanced resource for map based analysis and automated map production
  • using routing and scheduling to re-optimise deliveries and collections

New data options / applications:

  • Internet of Things  – more data products ready for use
  • new datasets including Eircodes for geocoding in Republic of Ireland
  • identifying flats and high rise properties to improve deliveries
  • using Tableau-ready data for territory management

and much more. Get your copy now!

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