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Map Data

From simple postcode files to complex public transport timetable portals, Mapmechanics can supply all the spatial data you need. We offer thousands of data sets, ready-formatted for your chosen software whether that be market analysis, GIS, business intelligence systems or other kinds of solutions.

GIS Software

Display, view and analyse your data. Identify trends, gaps and overlaps. Analyse geodemographic trends, find out where your customers are most likely to be. Calculate journey times, store catchments, depot territories, leaflet distribution areas and much more.

Routing and Scheduling

Cut costs, save time and improve customer service, using efficient routing optimisation software to streamline your logistics operation. Mapmechanics' routing solutions help optimise operations such as daily scheduling, fixed routes, collect and deliver and bulk movements of goods.

Territory Management

Our range of territory and resource management products help you optimise the allocation of work to resources, defining depot areas, creating rounds, routes, lanes and territories and helping you determine how many sites or territories you need and where they should be located.
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