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GIS Software: Geographical Information Systems

Mapmechanics sources best of breed software and data from around the globe to provide our customers with efficient, cost-effective map based solutions. Geographic Information Systems link the power of databases to mapping so you can ask geographic questions such as “where is the nearest …?”, “How far can I get in half an hour from this point?”, “Which areas have the highest market potential?”, “Where can I most efficiently site my new depot?”.

Geoconcept GIS software

Geoconcept is a powerful suite of GIS products ranging from desktop GIS and Geoxplorer active X to embed in your own solution, to the Geoconcept Web internet solution.

Geoconcept is both easy to use and extremely powerful. For example, calculating drive times and generating journey time catchments can be a simple click away. You can also use the advanced options to specify direction of travel, apply specific speed files (time of day/ vehicle type) to journeys and define the amount of smoothing and detail at the edges of an isochrone, for example.

Easy wizards are included to help you make intuitive shaded trend maps showing 2D, 3D or even 4D views of your data.

Formulae and queries can easily be applied to your map to only display, for example, customers ordering more than a certain amount per month or available engineers within 25 minutes of a particular location.

Although the out of the box product has many features, Mapmechanics helps make using GIS even easier by supplying, supporting and developing modules for specific tasks, and bespoke solutions based on the full Geoconcept range.

Geoconcept Modules

The Mapmechanics development team create modules to meet customer needs.

Example modules include: Batch printing territories to PDF files with appropriate naming and portrait or landscape format created automatically according to the shape of the territory and naming convention you set. Optisite site location is another popular module that calculates how many sites you need and suggest where would be best to place them. There are a range of modules for sales and marketing tasks, cartographic design, automating repetitive map manipulations etc.

Geoxploit complete map analysis solution

Geoxploit brings together Geoconcept desktop GIS, all the core mapping data you need and helpful preset styles, queries and thematic maps. Just import your data and click through the tabs to see your customer distribution, market penetration, count how many customers are within town catchments, balance territories, identify areas with a high propensity to purchase your product or service, analyse geodemographics etc.

The full functionality of the powerful Geoconcept desktop software is available, but the pre-sets make it quick to get started and see results immediately.

To find out more about Geographic Information Systems from Mapmechanics and other GIS applications visit allmapdata.com

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