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Territory Management Solutions

Manually allocating work to territories in an efficient way is a complex, time-consuming task. Mapmechanics helps organisations take a more automated approach while still keeping key business rules in place and enabling their planners to stay in control.

We can help you:

  • Identify the important rules your planners instinctively try to apply when creating and balancing territories
  • Select the best software and data combination for your specific scenario
  • Configure the territory software to take account of your rules and priority preferences in case conflicts occur (e.g. territories must be larger than X and no job should be more than Y distance from the depot or store).
  • Create stunning maps and clear lists
  • Manage the output (e.g. by integrating depot information with routing and scheduling, or by including batch print functionality that creates and names pdfs in landscape or portrait format automatically according to the shape of a territory. Or by creating lists of address ranges to be visited)
  • Regularly update the territories for you or train your staff to rebalance them as the workload or resources change.

For more about depot and other supply chain territories, visit our specialist logistics site at truckstopsrouting.com

To learn more about territories for leaflet door drop operations, sales areas and other non-logistics territory projects, visit allmapdata.com

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